May Causes

MAY Awareness Month!

 I am more than welcome to add more! Just leave a comment at the bottom! =)

Sites I got the lists from: and


WOW.. A lot of the reasons why I wanted to start Lets Rock the Ribbons,are because of the causes this month. (Not all, But definitely a lot of them!)

**I’ll start off by saying a close family member of mine is currently fighting the battle of Melanoma.

It first appeared on his skin. Then reappeared in his brain, 4 years later, it has appeared in his brain 4-5 times, a long with other places. I rather not discuss the status of my close relative. But, He is a fighter.<3

Melanoma does NOT just affect your skin, and is not something to play with.

To get Information on Melanoma, please go to:

Do you know your ABCD’s of checking for Skin cancer?!

Here is a group photo of my father,myself,My cousin,Uncle (Father Daughter thing) and my Aunt. Melanoma runs in the family.


(same spot! Me,My father…My Uncle,and Cousin!)


UPDATE: It is so hard to type this. But on September 31,2012, My amazing Uncle became an Angel. Melanoma is one tough disease, and should NOT be taken lightly! I know he is watching in on me at times, making sure that I am “behaving myself”, as my family up north says all the time hehe. And I know that he is looking after his 3 favorite girls, his daughter (My cousin, pictured above), and his 2 young grand daughters who he loved more than anything in this world. My cousin was 6-7 months pregnant with her second baby girl when he passed away. So much of him is in her, I know he was able to “meet” her, before she entered this world…And was able to sprinkle some of his “Uncle Jim’s Charm” on her. 😉

I am not a very spiritual person, and everyone has their own beliefs. When it comes to my family, I please ask that you respect my thoughts, which I know you guys will (Because you  all rock).


For information on Cystic Fibrosis, please check out this link!

*Today 4/30/12 marks my Cousin Susie Q’s 12yr anniversary, the day she left us to become our guardian angel, due to Cystic Fibrosis.

 It has been a hard day. When she was growing up (Born in the late 60’s- early 70’s), the life expectancy was 16yrs old. My cousin lived to be 33yrs old. She lived a healthy life style, had an amazing support system, and was constantly active.

 By Susie living a healthy lifestyle, she was able to live a much longer life than expected. (remember, this was 12 years ago..)

Susie Q’s story is the inspiration behind my mission statement and part of the reason for wanting to start LRTR. I love you, and I miss you!

“This is my beautiful cousin Susie Q. She passed away on 4/30/2000 from Cystic Fibrosis the man next to her is an angel that showed her what true love is.

He gave her the best years she had left,”she is our angel in waiting”.I love you and miss you so much <3”

Tammy Cochran-Angels in Waiting.For her brothers who had CF..

^^Click that link above for a beautiful song

Here’s a great photo of my Cousin Susie Q & my Uncle Jim:



Another health condition that is a part of my daily life:

I personally have to check my food everyday, order special things at restaurants, and cant eat my favorite food anymore! Mac N Cheese!


Celiac Disease. Many have not heard of this Disease before. And I am very thankful that I do not have the disease, but I do have many of the symptoms, my celiac levels are high in my blood, and a low tolerance for Gluten…I know, weird?

The Celiac Disease Foundation explains it very well, and everyone should check it out!!

(Photo credit: Did you know that 1 out of 133 people have Celiac Disease?!


One thought on “May Causes

  1. I rock RSD as well as I now have fibromyalgia,ankylosing spondylitis,thyroid disease,parry rombergs syndrome so I try to help all of these please add us or me i will help in anyway I can

What Causes do you rock?!

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