February causes


American Heart Month:

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, for both MEN & WOMEN!!

Of course this is going to be a cause that we spread awareness for! And we will for more months this year!

The month of February is dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease and increasing knowledge about prevention! The heart is the human body’s hardest working organ. Throughout life it continuously pumps blood enriched with oxygen and vital nutrients through a network of arteries to all parts of the body’s tissues.

Obviously the heart is an extremely important part of your body, once it damage has occurred, you will be dealing with is for the rest of your life. Prevention is KEY for this illness. Eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis. From personal experience, It’s extremely hard to watch family members go through issues like this, I am just lucky that I can still see those family members today…

Staying healthy does not have to be as horrible as most think, make it a family event to go for a walk together everyday! Go apple picking, and then eat them. Much more exciting than getting them from the store! And get lots of sleep, you need energy for your daily exercise!

For more information,

Please go to:http://www.healthcentral.com/heart-disease/what-is-heart-disease-000003_1-145.html

National Eating Disorder Month:

I felt that it was important to spread awareness about this issue because a large percentage of my viewers or “fans”, are in the fashion industry.

As we all know, Eating Disorders is a HUGE problem in the industry because many girls either feel like they need to be really thin to feel beautiful, or they are actually told (by agencies,managers,photographers,etc.) to loose weight!!

Although, it has become more acceptable in the industry to be a little larger than a size 0, it is still a huge problem in society. The main disorders are: Anorexia and Bulimia, but there are others that are all equally dangerous.

In fact, if left unattended, eating disorders can lead to serious health problems or even death. If you have a friend/family member/loved one who is suffering from an eating disorder,


Early Detection is vital with this illness!!

Please check out NEDA, The Eating D/O Association! http://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/


Marfan syndrome is caused by a defect in the gene that tells the body

how to make fibrillin-1 — a protein that is an important part of connective tissue.

-This defect results in an increase in a protein called transforming growth factor beta, or TGF. The increase of TGF causes problems in tissue throughout the body, which create the different Marfan syndrome features and cause medical problems for people with Marfan NS.

What happens?

Marfan syndrome features occur in many different parts of the body. Always, a person with Marfan syndrome has at least 3 features in different parts of the body. Rarely, a person has every feature. Some Marfan syndrome features are easy to see. Other features, such as heart problems, are hidden and need special tests to find them. It is important that a person with 3 or more features see a doctor who knows about Marfan syndrome.

What body systems are affected?

Heart and Blood Vessels (cardiovascular system), Bones and Joints (Skeletal system), Eyes (Ocular system),

Other body systems.



There is no cure for Marfan syndrome. However, a range of treatment options can minimize and sometimes prevent complications.


Go to the NMF website at


About Marfan syndrome and Living with Marfan syndrome

Some of the major organizations that are represented through out this month are:

-American Cancer Society *

  • American Heart Association *

-Make a wish foundation *

-childhood cancer Association *

  • National Alliance for research for Schizophrenia, Depression & Anxiety.*

-Cancer Center for Protection and Prevention *

-American Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

-SADD/MADD=Students and Mothers against drinking/drugged driving*

-International Planned Parenthood association

-National Eating Disorders Association*


Some of Febuarys Causes:

AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month

American Heart Month

Bake for Family Fun Month

Black History Month, Natl

Boost Self-Esteem Month, Natl

Care about Your Indoor Air Month, Natl

Cherry Month, Natl

Children’s Dental Health Month, Natl

Expect Success Month, Intl

February Is Fabulous Florida Strawberry Month

Laugh-Friendly Month, Natl

Library Lovers’ Month

Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month

Mend a Broken Heart Month, Natl

Parent Leadership Month, Natl

Pet Dental Health Month, Natl

Plant the Seeds of Greatness Month

Pull Your Sofa Off of the Wall Month

Relationship Wellness Month

Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month

Spiritual Teachers Month

Spunky Old Broads Month

Sweet Potato Month

Time Management Month, Natl

Weddings Month, Natl

Wise Health Care Consumer Month

Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month

Youth Leadership Month


What Causes do you rock?!

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