Sponsor: Certified Life Coach

I am proud to announce that Brooke Lewis is a sponsor of Let’s Rock the Ribbons! Brooke is a Board Certified Life Coach! You can visit her full website at


From a personal standpoint,Saying that Brooke Lewis is an amazing woman is an understatement.

Not only is she a beautiful actress, living out in California,but she spends the other half of her time helping others.

Brooke is a certified life coach, inspiring others and providing hope for those who need it most.

She also goes by “Ms.Vampy!”, her alter ego, that works with teenagers who need that someone special to talk to about things bothering them.


You can follow her on twitter at @BrookeLewisLA and @MsVampy 😉

I am thrilled to say that Brooke Lewis is an official sponsor of Let’s Rock the Ribbons!

She is offering those of you who “Rock your Ribbons”, 20% off her services as a life coach!!
All you need to do, is provide her with the PROMO CODE: RIBBONROCKERS so she knows that you are a “Ribbon Rocker”, and you will receive the 20% discount!

Her website can be found by clicking here: Be you and be fearless-Life Coach!

She is a woman with many talents, and a heart of gold.
Here are some testimonials that you can find on her website as well!



(Above, is a photo of her “twalking with the teens”, you can find it on her website!)

(Another beautiful photo that can be found on her website!)

Wondering more about her credentials? She has everything listed on her website, but here is a photo, to give you an idea!


Make sure you check out her website by clicking the link above! And definitely consider making an appointment with her, she is a great person to talk to.
The best part? You do NOT need to live in California,for her to be your life coach! As she mentions on her site, you can talk over the phone, through Skype,etc! So head over to her website, and make sure you mention the promo code: RIBBONROCKERS (in CAPS)

Thank you so much Brooke for being apart of LRTR’s family as a sponsor!

For those of you reading this, if you would like to help LRTR become a 501(c)3 non-profit,which will allow us to donate to the major orgs. mentioned on this site, please check out our donation site
By clicking: here! our gofundme page!

Thank you again! Make sure your rocking your ribbons!



What Causes do you rock?!

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