9 Tips for Communicating Effectively with your Doctor

Some tips for communication between doctors & patients- from a doctors offices point of view.
This is a great resource. I highly recommend you check out this blog!
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Heather Lynn

Minnesota Physical Medicine Blog

doctor communicationEffectively communicating with your doctor is important whenever you have an appointment.  The time during a doctor visit is important and both the patient and doctor want it to be worthwhile.  Every person has a different style of communicating.  Most doctor visits today are too short (often because doctors are overscheduled).  Because of these time limits, it is necessary for the patient to be prepared for the visit. Below are some tips for effectively communicating with your physician.

Be Concise

Remember that all healthcare providers have limited be time to be with you.  Tell the provider about the problems you are experiencing. You can leave out the details about your most recent vacation that does not pertain to the visit.

Be Honest

Do not exaggerate or lie.  If you overused your medications, tell them why it happened.  Do not lie about losing your drugs. Most doctors will know if a…

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