How HBOT can help many with Challenges

A great & informative list of health conditions that benefit from #HBOT!
#CRPS/ #RSD is one of them! 🙂

Sarah's Voice

The more I think and read about the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for people who have challenges such as Autism, the more I like it. I do wonder why this Therapy is not more widely used.

While the HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) may not be a cure all, I think it would be safer than all of the prescription drugs that doctors try to put us on. I don’t know why insurances won’t cover this therapy. I suppose when you boil it all down it just comes back to money and greed.

“Someday, when HBOT is an established part of accepted medical care, historians of twentieth century medicine will wonder how so much supportive research could have been published by competent medical researchers and then be scrupulously ignored by the guardians of our health. By that time, most of the individuals who attempted to keep HBOT on the fringe will probably…

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