Care Packages for Female Soldiers!

Lets help get these women get some items overseas! They’re fighting for our country! 😉

Life as a CRPS fighter

Hey everyone!

This post is actually not about CRPS! Crazy right? 😉 hehe

(Even though, CRPS started in the civil war. After soldiers who were injured in the war, never got better-they only got worse…
Today, there is actually a large percentage of soldiers diagnosed with CRPS/RSD as well..)

But! I will save that topic for another post on another day!

A friend of mine, Christina, is rounding up items to make some nice care packages for the WOMEN overseas!

Please read the message below! From Christina, on her twitter page @ChivetteBoots!

Lets get these ladies some items they both want and need!

I went online to get some ideas on items that our heroes overseas love to receive!
(Many of these items are listed for both men and women, but it’s not too hard to identify which items are geared for females!)

( The list above is a basic…

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