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CRPS awareness month

Hey everyone!

Now that November is here, its time to share more causes to be aware of!

CRPS is one of them, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

I personally have CRPS, and this is one cause that EVERYONE needs to know about.

I didn’t even know about it until I was diagnosed in March of this year, and I’ve been going over monthly causes for 2 years now!

There is NO cure for CRPS (Otherwise known as RSD), and ANYONE can get it. Mine was triggered after I broke my foot in March 2012.

Click here to read my favorite post that explains CRPS. It is a mother who has CRPS, and she wrote this in a way for children to understand what their mother is going through. I love it because it is from a Patients point of view, not a doctor. It is also easy to understand because it is designed for children.

This Monday, November 5th is CRPS awareness day.. to show your support, please wear the color orange, and take a snap shot of it!

If you do so, I am going to make special collages and post them on this site and put them under supporters!

If you provide your name with your photo, I am planning on listing all names of those who show their support (unless you rather remain anonymous, which is perfectly fine!)

If you follow my personal twitter and/or LRTR’s twitter account, you can tweet the photo’s to me! @aModelsMemo4u (personal) and @urockyourcause (LRTR’s account) …. or you can post them on ! If you do not have either social media site, please email me at!

Doing this will not only mean the world to me, but this will mean so much to everyone who suffers from CRPS/RSD!

For more information about CRPS/RSD, please click here! To see “RSDSAH”,RSD Support and Hopes website, that provides great information. as well as support!

Thank you again for taking your time to read this, and I really hope to see A LOT of photo’s of people rockin orange on Monday 😉

Have a great weekend!

Love, Heather Lynn


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