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Hey everyone!
I am still not able to log onto this site, but I am able to make a post through my phone …

This past March, I broke my right foot,as well as significant ligament damage …..
Four months later, they diagnosis me with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).
They think my Fibromyalgia triggered CRPS.

It is a very scary and painful thing to deal with on a daily basis. My life has been completely changed because I broke my foot.

It is yet another reminder why I am starting LRTR …. to spread awareness & raise money for research that relate to a specific cause, like CRPS.

When I found out about my diagnosis, I went to Twitter.
I can’t begin to express the amazing support system with others who have CRPS.
We are all there for each other and they are there for me,when I have questions..They are amazing.

One man,has dedicated his account to help spread awareness and help others. He even has a non profit.
His Twitter account is : @CRPSadvocate, please look him up and say hello!

A post he tweeted today, was a great resource of information on CRPS.

“@CRPSadvocate: Guidelines of diagnosing CRPS by one of my favorite Docs/researchers Norm Harden. Part of Rehab institute of Chicago CRPS info

Please read the link above. And help us spread awareness ❤

Thank you!
Heather Lynn


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