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LRTR Supporter- Kerri Barcia

Kerri Barcia was one of the first people I spoke to about LRTR a long time ago (when I decided to get it up and running again).

From the beginning, she has wanted to help and support Lets Rock the Ribbons! I loved hearing that from her, it gave me the extra boost of motivation ❤

Here is a piece I wrote about Kerri in my Monthly column Called “A Models Memo” in Linger Magazine.

This was April 2012’s issue!

                                                                               ((Love this one below, perfect colors! =) LRTR colors<3 yay!))

                                                   (This photo was taken from Kerri’s fan page, and this t shirt is from Ray Lewis’s Clothing Line)

Her Fan page is:

Follow her on Twitter at: @KerriBarcia

Thank you Kerri!


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