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Soldiers Angels are True Angels..

I came across Soldiers Angels website a long time ago, and LOVED what they are doing. Which is why I wanted to make a special post for them, in honor of Military Appreciation Awareness Month ❤


Below, is information about Soldiers Angels. This is information straight from their facebook fan page. I did not personally write any of this. you can go to their fan page and “like” it at:

Company Overview
Our hundreds of thousands volunteers on a variety of different teams and projects operate internationally to provide letters, care packages, and comfort items to the deployed, and support for their families here at home.  We also provide assistance to the wounded, continuing support for veterans, remembrances and comfort for families of the fallen, and immediate response to unique difficulties.  … Through special projects, dedicated teams and individuals supporting our troops, we make a visible difference in the lives of our service members and their families.
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all.
May no soldier go unloved. May no soldier walk alone. May no soldier be forgotten. Until they all come home.

May No Soldier Go Unloved    May No Soldier Walk Alone        May No Soldier Be Forgotten Until They All Come Home. 
 National Suicide Prevention 1-800-273-8255.
Now do you know why I love the organization?! Sign up today to become an Angel for our Soldiers ❤


Thank you ❤

Heather Lynn


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