LRTR Supporter Modern Problem Radio Show!


Thanks to these amazing people, I know Lets Rock the Ribbons will allow “you to Rock Your Cause”,before you know it!

Thank you all for supporting me,and wanting this to be a success =) ❤

DaveyLove (the Host of MPR show) Is a great guy! MPR show are proud supporters of The HemiGirls(and vice versa) and now proud supporters of Lets Rock the Ribbons!

DaveyLove loves to have fun and help others in the process 😉

Thank you DaveyLove and all the amazing people at Modern Problems Radio Show! ❤

Check them out at:


You can hear them on Thursday Nights at 8pm-10pm -by clicking “Listen Now!” in the top right hand corner!

Twitter: @MPRshow



Here is my interview with them in March! Hehe, Before you listen! Please know that I didnt have service and got stuck in the wind…So I sound special haha! It’s okay though, it was awesome to be on air, and they are great people =)




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What Causes do you rock?!

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