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LRTR Supporter-HemiGirl(Melissa Teixeira)

Thanks to these amazing people, I know Lets Rock the Ribbons will allow “you to Rock Your Cause”,before you know it!

Thank you all for supporting me,and wanting this to be a success =) ❤

Melissa Teixeira aka HemiGirl, CEO of Hemigirl Entertainment

Melissa is an amazing woman who has done very well in the modeling world. Now, she is trying to help others in their journey through the industry! Shes a great person,and an awesome friend<3

Thank you Melissa!

Check her out at:


twitter: @Hemigirl

And for The HemiGirls:

Twitter: @TheHemigirls

Also check out HemiFashion!

(Shes wearing some below) 😉


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What Causes do you rock?!

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