Hey everyone! LRTR is back!

But… I need your help!

The reason I have NOT been able to get Lets rock the ribbons up and running, is because of the start up costs =(

I’ve done everything else from planning the first 6 months of events,3 projects, and some fundraisers. I do have the EIN #, sponsor packets, and much more.

I need to raise about $800, to file the correct paper work, and purchase the first order of fundraising materials!

Please read the following pages for more information on my mission with LRTR, the major organizations that will benefit from LRTR,and ways you can help.

In the end, LRTR was created to help 70+ causes through out the year. One of those causes could affect you.

(More information in the following pages!

Thank you so much!

BTW- Tweet me! @amodelsmemo4u !

Heather Lynn

Sports blog: http://asportsmemo.wordpress.com/

Modeling blog: http://amodelsmemo4u.wordpress.com/

Get personal with me.. http://aheathermoment.wordpress.com/



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What Causes do you rock?!

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